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non-Shakespearian drama database

This is a live database table listing all 710 extant works catalogued in Chadwyck-Healey Literature Online (LION) database as 'drama' first performed between 1567 and 1642. LION's definition of 'drama' includes masks, entertainments, and civic pageants, so these are represented as well as the 500 or so plays. The LION list provided author, title, and year of publication of the copy text used for the LION copy of the play's full text. A team of international volunteers (the 'contributors') took these records in batches of 20 and added to each supplementary information from Alfred Harbage's Annals of English Drama 975-1700 (1940 and 1964 editions). The field labels indicate which data came from LION and which from Harbage. In a few cases contributors were unable to glean the necessary information from Harbage, and in these cases the supervising editor (Gabriel Egan) has drawn data from the available editions, either directly or as represented in LION. The table can be resorted on any field by clicking on the field heading ('LION Play title', Harbage type' and so on).


Tom Bishop; Dr Helen Vella Bonavita; Michael G. Cornelius; Gabriel Egan; David Evett (deceased); Joan Fitzpatrick; Sarah Herbert; Michael P. Jensen; Christine Mack Gordon; Sean Lawrence; Eric Luhrs; Markus Marti; Kenneth Meaney; Dr Anja Müller-Wood; Dr Lucy Munro; David Nicol; Steve Roth; Dr Emma Smith; Professor Alan Somerset.