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These rare recordings have been remastered from the original audio-cassettes and digitally enhanced to remove hiss and other noise. High quality modern digital mastering methods sometimes reveal the weakness of the original analogue recordings.* If anyone has photographs or artwork of the bands, or can date the studio recordings, please contact me <mail@gabrielegan.com>.

*Like Nish playing the wrong note or Iggy dropping his sticks.

Cold Structure (1981-83)

Gez Driffield - Vocals, Steve Lympany - Guitars, Nish - Bass; Iggy - Drums)

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Rehearsals at the Ship & Castle Public House, Portsmouth, June-July 1982
WAV MP3 A Frozen Moment
WAV MP3 Big Decision
WAV MP3 Count to Ten
WAV MP3 Everything and More
WAV MP3 Louie Louie
WAV MP3 Other People
WAV MP3 Red Letter Day
WAV MP3 Story So Far
WAV MP3 Throw It Away
WAV MP3 Wait a Minute
WAV MP3 Walking Alone
WAV MP3 Wasteland

Studio Demos October 1983
WAV MP3 She's Going Down
WAV MP3 Remember My Face

The unenhanced and unedited original recordings are also available for anyone better able to clean them up:

WAV Tape One
WAV Tape Two

The Idol Rich (1983-84)

(Gez Driffield - Vocals, Steve Lympany - Guitar, Hugh - Guitar, Nish  - Bass, Steve Kirk - Drums)

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House of Cards (1984-86)

(Gez Driffield - Vocals, Steve Lympany - Guitar, Hugh - Guitar, Ian Collins - Bass, Stephen Green  - Drums)

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"Let it Whip!!" Musicassette (Price £1)
WAV MP3 Million
WAV MP3 Vacuum Years
WAV MP3 Gates of Destiny

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The unenhanced and unedited original recordings are also available for anyone better able to clean them up:

WAV Tape One

Previously unheard interview with Depeche Mode, 26 August 1981

Paul Windsor (camera) and Iggy (tape recorder) went to see The Chefs and Tarzan 5 supporting Depeche Mode on the second day of the Institute for Contemporary Arts (ICA) Rock Week festival on The Mall in London on 26 August 1981. Before the gig, a telephone call to Mute Records (answered by Daniel Miller) secured an agreement for Paul and Iggy to interview Depeche Mode. The interview was conducted in the open air in St James's Park early that evening. The intention was to publish the interview in a local fanzine, but in the event they didn't want it. The interview has not been previously heard anywhere before and only came to light when Paul Windsor rediscovered the cassette tape 35 years later. Below are links to MP3 and WAV versions of the recording. Listeners are asked to bear in mind that the interviewees were only 19-20 years old at the time--they were in the middle of recording their first album--and the interviewers were only 16 years old. The voices in the recording are Paul Windsor and Iggy plus Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, and Andy Fletcher, and their girlfriends. Vince Clarke declined to be interviewed; in fact he denied being with the band.

WAV format

MP3 format